Update a sysprep VHD


Update a sysprep VHD

Second part of this serie of articles, I will present you how to update your VHD without running a virtual machine.

After we create a Sysprep VHD, we need to get this image ready to use at anytime without loosing time updating it.

To do this, open Internet Explorer and go to the Microsoft Updates Catalog website at this address : http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/.

Download all the updates you need and  let them in a folder Updates. Create a temp folder to extract the updates during the script execution.

Download this script, open a powershell window as Administrator and run this command :

.\Update-SysprepImage.ps1 -VHDPath "C:VHD\" `
                -UpdatePath "C:\Updates\" `
                -TempPath "C:\Temp\" `

The image will be updated by mounting the Virtual Hard Disk and by using the Add-WindowsPackage command.

Part 1 : Prepare a sysprep VHD of Server 2012 R2


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