Category: Virtualization


Update a sysprep VHD

Second part of this serie of articles, I will present you how to update your VHD without running a virtual machine. After we create a Sysprep VHD, we need to get this image ready to use at anytime without loosing time updating it. To do this, open Internet Explorer and go to the Microsoft Updates Catalog …


Prepare a sysprep VHD of Server 2012 R2

In this series of three posts, I will show you how to prepare, update and use a Sysprep VHD to build a lab rapidly. So, we start with the preparation and configuration of the VHD. First you need to configure a VM with Windows Server 2012 R2. Then configure you server by updating it through …


Tool of the day : Disk2VHD

Here is a small tool particularly interesting: Disk2vhd. From the Sysinternals suite, this solution allows you to create a virtual hard disk (.vhd) of your physical PC or server Then you can create a new virtual machine, attach your newly created VHD and do tests without modifying your production machine. Be careful though it requires …