Prepare a sysprep VHD of Server 2012 R2


Prepare a sysprep VHD of Server 2012 R2

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In this series of three posts, I will show you how to prepare, update and use a Sysprep VHD to build a lab rapidly.
So, we start with the preparation and configuration of the VHD.

First you need to configure a VM with Windows Server 2012 R2. Then configure you server by updating it through Windows Update. You can also install windows features and / or software.

Then in the VM, open a command console as Administrator and enter this command :

C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep.exe /Generalize /OOBE /Shutdown

This command will prepare the OS and will shutdown the VM automatically.

To finish with this part, copy the VHD to a VM Template folder.
And voila, your Sysprep VHD is ready to use.

In the second part we will see how to update this Sysprep VHD without creating an Image again.


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